• Easy to open. Easy to carry. Don’t lose focus while opening a bag on the go.  With our resealable packaging you can get at your nutrition whenever you need, without a wrestling match in the middle of your workout. Unless you are wrestling, then by all means, have a wrestling match.
  • You decide what you eat. The whole point of our system is that you eat what you need when you need it. That’s why we don’t make giant honking bars that sit in your stomach doing nothing except giving you cramps. Eat an Ooot round when you need it, and then another later on, or eat a couple at a time. Not our call. You be you.
  • The energy you need. We want to help you perform better. It’s that simple.  So, we consulted nutritionists, dietiticians, science-folks, chefs, coaches, and athletes to make something that we think really works. Man. We hope your workouts can last as long as that last sentence.

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