ooot Go

The mainstay of every workout. A delicious mix of real foods including dates, raisins, and apples that provide the perfect balance of carbohydrates and macronutrients.

 Benefits include:

  • Made with certified organic dried fruits, minimally processed to maintain their nutritional benefits.
  • Formulated by sports nutritionists, dieticians and chefs for maximum effectiveness and enjoyment.
  • Only 10 grams of carbohydrates per disk so you can customize your personal nutrition plan bite by bite.
  • Designed to be a comfortable amount to eat per bite. 

There is no exact rule for how much any athlete should eat during activity. But with OOOT Go you can build a personalized performance nutrition plan that suits your needs.


To begin choose a body type that matches yours.


Female athletes

Lightweight build – 30 grams per hour

Heavier/Muscular build—60 grams/hour


Male athletes

Lightweight build – 40 grams/hour

Heavier/Muscular build – 90 grams/hour


The goal is to perfectly fuel your workout or race. So start with these guides and then alter the number of disks you load into your OOOT Push.

 If you feel like you could have performed better try adding another disk or two on the next training day.