ooot Salt Boost

These food disks are made from real apricots and dates. Each round contains 150mg of salt to give you the boost you need, no matter whether you’re a salty sweater or just training on a hot day.


Benefits include:

  • Made with certified organic dried fruits, minimally processed to maintain their nutritional benefits.
  • Formulated by sports nutritionists, dieticians and chefs for maximum effectiveness and enjoyment.
  • Only 10 grams of carbohydrates per disk so you can customize your personal nutrition plan bite by bite.
  • Designed to be a comfortable amount to eat per bite.



There is no single definition as to how much an athlete should eat during exercise. But with OOOT Sodium Boost you can create a personalized nutritional plan that’s right for your body.


First, choose a body type that matches yours.


Light sweaters

Maths here…


Heavy/Salty sweaters….

Maths here…


Your need for OOOT Sodium Boost will be affected by the temperature of the environment you are exercising in and the length and intensity of the activity.


The goal is to perfectly fuel your workout or race. So start with these guides and then alter the number of disks you load into your OOOT Push.


If you feel like you could have performed better try adding another disk or two on the next training day.